Monday, 28 July 2014

Week of 7/21 Update

This week I've been working on making my PolyDet code useful by creating a polynomial ring where all the operations are done modulo another polynomial. I've called this new class GivaroPolyModPoly. It reuses the Givaro Extension class which already does something similar to represent extension field elements modulo an irreducible. All I do is manually set the "irreducible" to some arbitrary polynomial. Now I can supply this ring to SmithFormIliopolus and all the intermediate polynomials will be automagically reduced modulo the polynomial I computed with PolyDet.

I've also been working on implementing parallelism in the Pascal blackbox. Some people on the FFLAS-FFPACK team have written a wrapper for task-based parallelism that we've been thinking of integrating with Linbox. The advantage to task-based parallelism is that it allows for recursive uses of parallelism, whereas things like #omp for do not. In addition the wrapper would allow us to switch to other backends such as Kaapi. I've been looking in to using these wrappers to handle parallel applyLeft() in Pascal.

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